Global Marketing

We develop content for sales platforms and online marketing strategies for global business. We consult international traders and sales organisations, investors and business man who want to invest in southafrica. We offer Marketing for the property & tourist branch.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing ( SMM) is the strategic and operational or active and passive use of social media for marketing purposes. Facebook, Google , Twitter to name a few , have gained increasing importance in advertising, as the mid evolve on the smartphone.

We are building on a target customer group and regularly publish a mix of entertainment , news, and interesting product information with high end flight videos

The goal is to keep the website and the information social networking sites in the permanent exchange date, to increase access and thus to attract clients. For example via Webcam pages around the world.

The modern marketing analysis capabilities help us to address customers interested produktafine layers .The opportunities targeted to address only the target group allows to reduce the classical scattering expensive advertising and reallocate the advertising budget. We will give you comprehensive advice on the complex options and make a framework for action in the amount of your marketing budget . Pricesheet

DTP, Video & Administration

The administration of the web-file & video servers , the management and recruitment of social media portals and permanent monitoring and maintenance of these systems is handled by us . We create interfaces to engage actively with you and your marketing department in the publication processes. We handle prepress and calibration systems and the post printing process and deliver automated services. We save all data and keep these for you on call , fast and inexpensive.

Training and Education

Do it yourself is the key , if you have time or staff. We offer instruction and training in the modern online world , from the care of the home up to your own Facebook presence, image processing and video editing . We help you with the establishment of modern CMS systems .

International Marketing

We know the European markets , understand the South African customers and can therefore apply appropriate marketing methods and means . Our team consists of South African , French and German employees.



Google Adwords for advertising and search result optimising


Facebook with social networking features


Twitter for actual product news or announcements

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